Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Last Day of numbers!!

I had my LAST day of Primary Care Clinicals today!!! So happy....So sad!!! (well, mostly happy to be done!)

I still have 3 1/2 weeks of class left in the quarter, but it'll be nice to have my thursdays back to get homework done, so our weekends aren't so filled with tv/homework dates : )

So on my last day of clinicals, what did I see??? Here's my day in numbers:

5: Number of days a 15 year old has had a headache after bumping her head on the car door corner....

0: number of tylenol or ibuprofin (or ANY pain reliever) doses she's taken to get rid of the headache

1: number of concussions she thinks she has

0: number of concussions she REALLY has : )

4: number of patients seen for ear infections

3: number of ear infection patients who had a complaint of "my ear hurts really bad"

1: number of ear infection patients who did not complain of pain, but "my ear is booming" instead! (4 year old)

2: number of ears yellow fluid and some pus was draining out of profusely....EWW!!!!

3: number of patients seen with epistaxis (sounds scary- it's's a nosebleed!)

0: number of epistaxis patients that had something "wrong" with's dry season people!!

1: number of really cute patients seen dressed in all pink (including socks and crocs), who when I told them Pink was MY favorite color too, she replied, "Oh I don't really like pink, my favorite color is Gold!"

1: Number of patients that PROJECTILE POOPED profusely ALL over my preceptor as she squeezed his butt cheeks together after administering rectal tylenol

3: Number of people in the room when it happened

1: Number of people laughing hysterically!! (Me)

2: Number of people screaming (the 15 month old patient and my preceptor!)

Too many to Count: number of memories, laughs and lessons learned today, and every other day of clinicals at this amazing pediatrician's office

Thank you SO MUCH xxxx have taught me so much and my time spent with you was invaluable!!

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