Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Inspiration

Clinicals are over! Most projects and readings and lectures are caught up on (mostly!) Nothing exciting at work yesterday....

Oh what to blog about....

Here's a little inspiration that I found today while catching up on some of my leisurely reading. As a PICU nurse, we don't always focus on health promotion as actively as we should....we focus on breathing promotion, or keeping your heart beating promotion...or just staying alive promotion!!

BUT- as we are discharging more and more kids from the PICU, it is imperative that we give them education on healthy eating and staying physically active as they go home. This is one great thing that Primary Care offices do so well (at least the one I had clinicals in!!).

And why should kids do this???

Number 1, it will help them to lead a much healthier, longer life.

Number 2, maybe one day they can be in a magazine like this lady (currently 86 years old):

"Running is my fountain of youth. I ran high school track in South Carolina in the 1930's but then moved to New York City and had babies. Much later on, in my 70's, I worked for an elderly lady whose daughter jogged, and that inspired me to get some running shoes. I ran my first marathon in 1998 at age 74."

Yup, you read that right!! Hello!!!

I'm not sure what I find more amazing...that she ran her first marathon at 74 (ok, really, that she ran at ALL at 74!!)

OR that she said when she was in her 70's that she worked for an "elderly lady." I love her perspective on life!!!

And it started with her being active in high school (and probably much sooner than that!!)

So there's some inspiration for get off the couch, to lace up some sneakers, and to pound the pavement (or lift the weights, or climb some stairs, you get the point!). If this woman can pick it back up at in her 70s, kids today can too. And so can I. And so can you!!

*Found in Fitness Magazine (2008)- see, I told you I was catching up on should see my stack of magazines I need to tackle- pretty much from when school started until now!!

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