Sunday, December 14, 2014


Isn't it amazing how fast time just flies by when you are having fun!?  Since I last blogged (7 1/2 months ago!!!) I was placed on modified bedrest at 34 weeks, had a beautiful baby girl, moved to Lawrenceville GA, then moved to Suwanee GA.  Whew!

So here I am, 2 1/2 months after my maternity leave technically ended, and am no longer a PICU APN.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I will always be a PICU APN at heart.  But I am no longer employed by a PICU as an APN.

For the time being, I am enjoying being at home with my baby girl.  My original plan once we got down to GA was to get another job by the time Isabella was 6 months old.  Well, she is now 6 months, and I haven't even put my application in.

Part of this just makes total sense to me.  And part of it still surprises me how happy I am being at home with her.  I have always said that I did not want to be a stay at home mom.  I am passionate about what I do. I thrive in the PICU setting. I do well staying busy and on my toes.
With all this cuteness, who couldn't love staying at home!
And certainly staying at home can be busy too.  Just a completely and utterly different kind of busy.

Staying at home has taught me the importance of slowing down and enjoying the little moments.  It has taught me that rocking my baby through the pain of teething, or just simple fussiness is as important as what I do in the PICU.

It has taught me that while 12 hour days flew by in the PICU without question, 12 hour days at home can too...except I don't have the same work to show for it.  It's amazing how little can be done with a new baby, and yet that can easily be classified under a successful day!

And so here I am in work limbo.  I am still not entirely sure where the next path will lead me in my career.

My plan is to enjoy the holidays with my family, and not worry or think once about a new job.  In a career that is 24/7, holidays not excluded, this is a great change of pace.

Once the new year comes, I will take a look at what is out there.  What I do know is that I would love a PICU position.  What I know more than that however is my family comes first. That means I want something part time, and something where I can be home in the evenings and not a total mama monster, so no night shifts!

I have no idea what is out there.  I have no idea if it will take me one day, one month, one year, to find the next best thing for me.  What I do know is that it will be very weird for me to say anything other than "PICU APN" when someone asks what I do.  And it will be slightly heartbreaking at first.

But, with new priorities come new challenges and new adventures.  So I look forward to where that may take me!

But first, I will enjoy the peace and togetherness of the holidays.  I hope that you take some time to slow down and enjoy this time with your family and friends as well!  I will see you next year!


  1. Congratulations! There is NO job in this world as rewarding and fulfilling as being a mother. I can't believe you've moved to my neck of the woods (I'm in TN). Welcome to the dirty south ;) I am so happy to hear that you don't have to rush into a job, the right one will come along and I'll be here waiting to hear about it, but until then just enjoy that baby and ya'll have a Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks Candi! The South is an entirely different world for sure, but we like it! Can't beat GA winters compared to Chicago! Hope you and your family had great holidays!

  2. I am a newly single mom super interested in picu nursing so i googled blogs about it and yours popped up first. Lo and behold, i live in lawrenceville! Small world!

    1. Thanks for stumbling on by : ) PICU nursing is amazing, exhausting, fulfilling, intense, and oh so incredible! I couldn't imagine having been any other kind of nurse for the last 10 years. Now that I am at a cross roads in life, it is becoming more likely that I will have to step away from the PICU, but my heart will always belong there. We are in Suwanee now...know any hospitals (outside of the Atlanta Childrens network) that has good Pediatric units?

  3. I am just starting my career and have been thinking about how to balance motherhood. I'd hate to miss Christmas with my kids! I like your strategy of just enjoying it and not worrying about what to do next. Do keep us posted though!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah I will say there isn't a day that goes by that I don't have a though of "Man, SHOULD I be working!?" but then I see my baby girl smile, or do something new, and realize my career can wait. I will have years to be successful in the workplace, but such little time with her being so little! Yes, so much changes in medicine in a short time, but I learned it all once before, and if taking some time off means re-learning things, I am ok with that. I will keep ya'll updated!