Saturday, January 11, 2014

Exhaustion: PICU vs Pregnant!

Hi friends!  I know, I know...I've definitely fallen off the blog wagon. 

The holidays came and went so fast (don't they always), and now I'm still here thinking now's the time to jump back on.

But then work happens and it's been SO crazy lately!  Tons of sick kids equals tons of crazy busy shifts. Which leaves me just flat out exhausted on my days off.

Oh, that and the fact that I'm pregnant!!  Really, I think that's the major contributor the extreme exhaustion, but still...the job isn't completely innocent : )

For those of you that personally know me, you know this has been a very long journey to motherhood.  Four years of dreaming, planning, praying and hoping.  Four years of countless doctor appointments, about a trillion blood draws and medications, and a hormone imbalance and severe clotting disorder diagnosis later, and here we are!! 

So of course I had to start a pregnancy blog that I hope to continue onward and document our little one has he or she grows.
And when I sit down after a really long day in the PICU, I can either get on and blog about how I didn't sit, eat or pee for the last 12 hours, or I can relish in the fact that I'm pregnant and document that amazing journey.

Yeah, guess which one generally wins!?!? (if you're interested:

But regardless, I still love my first blog baby.  And I am still madly in love with the PICU.  So while I may not be as present, or have as many fun or funny stories, I'm not going anywhere. 

Just thought you should know.  Because really I know how patient you all are. And since most of my readers are either family or other nurses, I'm grateful that you just get it.

Shoot, my nursing and APN friends probably log on every great once and awhile thinking, "Oh my schedule is so crazy...I don't have time to read blogs!" only to find out, neither does the writer.  So at least we are on the same page ; )

I do have some stories in the back of my head that I want to share.  And I do have some topics that keep getting asked about (eg: DNP, picking grad schools, studying for boards, etc) that I want to address as well.

So stick with me and we'll get through this crazy, busy life slowly written blog post at a time.  And if you're in the PICU like me, you wouldn't want it any other way!  What's life without some busy, without some crazy!?!? That's PICU at its finest!


  1. YAY! Congrats! I had figured you were trying for a while (I think you mentioned something in passing). So very happy for you!

  2. Congrats Dana! I am pregnant with my first and due in July too! I can agree with you that it is hard being pregnant and working the long crazy winter PICU shifts. We have been insanely busy too! I was gonna tell you that I did end up going to the SCCM conference this past week. I only went to the pre-conference and there was a talk on PNPs in the PICU. I believe one of your co-workers was one of the speakers, because he said he worked at a large children's hospital in Chicago. It was great! I really enjoyed the conference! My husband couldn't get off work, so my mom went with me and we had a great time in San Fran. You should definitely try to go to this conference in the future. I think the 2016 conference is in Hawaii! The content was much more useful than most of the conferences I have been to in the past few years. Congrats again! I look forward to sharing "pregnant adventures" and PICU adventures"

  3. Congratulations! I will definitely be checking out the other blog too. You'll be a great mother. I am so happy for you and your husband!

  4. Christine & "Anonymous"- thank you so much...we are both so excited!

    Soulshine123- Congrats on your pregnancy too!! It's always nice to have both PICU collegues and moms-to-be in the same boat...especially being both due in July! Glad you got to go to SCCM...I'm thinking Hawaii will be a must do in 2016! Shamik was presenting about APNs working in the PICU setting, so I'm sure that's who you heard. He actually just left us, and is now in Houston (to be closer to family). I've heard from a few others that the classes were great, so I'm definitely wanting to go in the future. Glad you could make it and enjoy a little of San Fran!