Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Customer service at its finest

I love great service. I love giving great service.  And I get even more proud when I see great service at work.

Since I've been working so many 4pm to midnight shifts lately, which typically means I'm leaving the hospital around 1 or 2 am, I've been taking the free shuttle from the hospital to the parking garage.

I work in an inner city hospital and while it's not in a "bad" part of the city, it definitely has its moments of crime there.  So anytime I can not have to walk the 0.6 miles to the parking garage in the middle of the night, the better.

There are several different shuttle drivers that work the night shift.  But lately I have found my favorite.  His name is George, and he is the friendliest, older gentleman.  Not only does he pick me up at the front entrance and drives me to my garage, but he goes above and beyond.

Once we pull up to the garage he always asks what floor I'm parked on (I'm thinking b/c he wants to know approximately how much time to expect me to come out).  He then tells me, every time, that he is going to wait right at the entrance until he sees me pulling out.

And everytime I pull my car out of the garage, there is he waiting...big smile on his face and waving his hand out of the window. 

It's nice to feel taken care of.  It's nice to have your own personal security guard taking you to your car, and making sure you get out safe.  It's just nice to get great service. 

And while great service is what we strive for at my hospital, truly great service is what is being given my George, the shuttle bus driver!!!  Thank you for all you do (this is a general thank you, b/c I'm positive he does not read my blog!).  You are a reminder to us all to not only provide good service, but to go the extra mile, go above and beyond, make a difference, and deliver exceptional service!

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