Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thanks to google

It's always interesting to see the "stats" of my blog. What links people found my blog through, various referring sites, and the google searches that lead people over here.

Pretty consistently (as in almost every single week) at least one person googles nose bleeds or kids picking nose or epistaxis and is brought here. All because of this long ago post!

But one this week caught my eye:

"How to get naked in front of a hot APN"

REALLY!?!? Some dude types that into google and THIS site pops up!?

Are there really that few APN sites out there...I have to say no.

Well, if Mr. Wanting to Get Naked comes back, my professional medical advice would be take your clothes off.

Not that hard.

But perhaps that's why he was googling it in the first place.


Oh thank you google for providing us with such a great search engine...or at least one that provides a good laugh every once in awhile!


  1. Check out what I just saw on my stats listing for google searches: rectal exam female interns...YUCKO!!!! I've never done a blog posting regarding those words yet thanks to google my blog shows up when someone is looking for that kind of thing. Yikes.

  2. WOW!!! Yeah it's crazy the things that pops our blogs up!

  3. haha. Sometimes, there are really bad searches that always make us laugh. And many of them are quite NSFW. What the heck is going on with searchers? lol

    Peny@Scrubs and Uniform Stylist