Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sicky Sicky

This PICU nurse has been sick for 11 days now, and let me tell you, it's NOT been fun!!!

I don't get sick often, so when I do, I guess my body does it in style! And by style, I do not mean anything fashionable...clearly! *How pathetic do I look today!?! Sadly, this is the exact same spot that I have been in for a majority of the past 11 days...the other spot that I was confined to for 48 hours last weekend was my bed!!!

It's so different being on the "I need a nurse side" as opposed to the "I am a nurse" side. I am starting to go stir crazy, but every time I get a grand idea to "do" something, my body completely revolts and refuses!
So back to the couch, and endless tv I return.

Let me say, within the first few days of being sick I pretty much emptied the DVR. So I then had to resort to DVR'ing things you wouldn't even believe! Oh the depths I have sunk : )

But being sick has given me time to think about the important things in life. Here's what I've learned so far:

1.) When trying get pregnant again post-miscarriage (yes, that happened, that's where I'm at...perhaps more on that at a later date), there really are NO medications appropriate for upper respiratory infection symptom relief. But I have made a new best friend. His name is Acetaminophen, but I call him Tylenol for short : )

2.) I STILL don't like tea! I have always wanted to like tea! Jon makes me laugh every time he says "tea and strumpets" which makes me want to like it even more! And once, I even planned a high tea with some girlfriends where I bought china (from a thrift store of course!) in hopes to like it more. But, after over a week of tea and honey, it's true....I'm still not a fan!

3.) Jon's methods of clearing his nose and sinuses in the shower are loud and still gross me out...but now I completely understand why he does what he does! Despite the fact he said my attempts were "girly" and "weak" they DO work! Eww, gross I know!

4.) Putting your face over a steaming pot about 5 times a day really does give a dewy glow! And for free! Once you wipe the snot that's running down your face off, tres beautiful! : )

5.) TLC and HGTV have a plethora of amazing reality shows. And yes, I've pretty much seen them all. What I will not stoop to??? --> Sister Wives. EWW! Gross! Can't do it! Anything else, fair game!

6.) No matter how many days I have my flashcards sitting in front of me, it is highly unlikely studying will actually get done! Maybe the information will just seep in by osmosis since they've been sitting so close for so long!

7.) Jon is an amazing cook for the sick! He even invented "Spicy" Campbells chicken noodle soup which, "Holla!!" If that doesn't open you all up, I don't know what will. And BONUS, it was YUMMY!!!
*I can't give away his treasured recipe because this one is going to be passed down for generations to come, but I can tell you one of the 2 ingredients: Sirancha hot sauce : )

8.) I have the most amazing, incredibly comfortable couch in the world. If you've ever been on it, you'd agree. If you haven't, you are missing out!! Come on over...when we are germ free, of course!

9.) Drinking a LOT of liquids really is helpful. However, drinking 10 cups of water will guarantee at least 100 trips to the bathroom. Oh so fun!

And last but most definitely not least....

10.) I have the most AMAZING husby (no, not a typo- that's what I call him sometimes. Don't be jealous!). He has pampered me and truly taken care of me throughout this entire time. When I was holed up in the bedroom for 2 solid days, he cooked my every meal, every cup of tea, and cleaned up after me. He gave me back rubs and foot rubs. He has even told me how beautiful I was every day....even though I was looking like psycho sicko for most of it! Oh Jonathan Lerma, you are the best husband a woman could ask for! Thank you for loving me and taking care of me!! I love you so much!

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