Monday, June 28, 2010

School Update

So despite it being week 2 of the summer quarter, and despite the fact that I have not received feedback or full grades for assignments/papers from last quarters class, I got an A in that class!!! It's on the official transcript and I guess that's the one that really counts huh!?

So 7 quarters down, 5 more to go!! Let me just say I definitely did not go into grad school with the mindset of graduating with a 4.0, but now that I'm on a roll, I can't be stopped!! I'm working hard to keep that "perfect score" until I graduate (August 2011...and counting!!)

But we're down to crunch time...clinicals start this summer with health fairs which I'm actually excited about. Not so excited for the two 45 minute DVDs I have to make of myself giving full head to toe assessments and taking full patient histories (Jamie, get ready to put a gown on during vacation b/c the second DVD is due the next week!!), but I'm excited to actually start doing (some of) the work of an APN!!

I'm sure that with the health fares, back to school physicals, and other interesting clinical experiences this summer, I'll have more fun stories to share!! Stay tuned for many upcoming adventures of this PICU nurse.... : )

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