Thursday, April 15, 2010

No, I will NOT look at that!

So here are 3 examples of "phone triage" calls that I have taken from friends over the past two weeks! There seems to be a theme in all of them....not quite sure why people seem to think that I'm an expert on the "down there" area....but I guess thanks for the vote of confidence : )

1.) One friend called to tell me that her husband has a shooting pain on his groin every time he tries to lift something heavy. Ummm, no...I'm NOT coming over to look at that!! So after a few questions...and explaining to her how to assess the area (a mental picture I rather not have had!) things were figured out.

2.) Another friend called to tell me her son's poop was REALLY lime green. No, please do not save me a diaper for the next time that I see you (gross!!)....if he's not acting any different or sick, just think about the new things you've been feeding the little one and I'm sure you'll figure out the color change!!

3.) Finally a third friend told me her little one has a "sacral dimple" and can I look at it?? Sure, fine, I will look at that to make sure it's still closed....however her next comment was "My husband has one too..." Ummm, NO I will NOT look at that : )

I love being a nurse!!

*On a funny side note, one of the above friends and I about a year or two ago almost had her husband convinced that it would be "totally appropriate" for me to assess his down there area b/c he was having an issue!! The look on his face was priceless....a little shock, a little horror, a whole lot of confusion!! Again, I love being a nurse ; )

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  1. I remember who that "funny side note" was talking about. HAHA! I am glad he had this reaction instead of another because I would have put a smack down on him...