Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A glimpse into the life of a master's student

I haven't really talked about school yet. To be quite honest, most times there is nothing really exciting to write about. The awesome thing about online school is that it can be done all alone, in the privacy of my own house....or park....or coffee shop....or wherever I want it to be!! BUT- the downside is there is no true people connection. Yes, we have weekly "discussions" but it's not the same as being surrounded by people in a class setting.

However, for those of you who have not gotten your masters before, let me give you a look into the extravagant and oh so intelligent life one may live when going back to school!

Every class has a Required Readings section in the syllabus. The Required Reading list for my current class includes: very thick textbook, (small print, very few pictures), a cultural diversity book on families, and Harry Potter. WAIT, did I say Harry Potter!?!?

Ummm, yes I did. Harry Potter is in my required readings section, and there are actually several assignments that I have surrounding this book! You've got to be kidding me! Don't get me wrong...I have read these books (well, ok up to book 5...I'm a little behind!) but how in the world is a teacher really going to make all these masters students read this book over the quarter and apply it to child and family development!

But somehow it is almost all of our weekly assignments!! Next week we focus on the appropriate milestones that Harry is supposed to have met....and explore whether he has fully met them or not! The week after we focus on distinguishing the difference between reality and fantasy. Now I'm sorry, but if I haven't been able to do that in my last 27 years of life, now might be a little late to learn!

Maybe what I should be learning in these readings (in my education to become a Nurse Practitioner!!) is what potions I can best brew up to cure my patient's sick lungs. Or maybe I can teach patients that an active lifestyle is best for their weight, heart etc. and this can be achieved by 30 min of mod intensity cardio 5 times a which quiddich is the BEST sport out there.

So, for those of you interested in seeing what the live's of masters students is really like, there ya go!! It IS as glamorous, intelligent and thought provoking as most of you dream! And if you ever are thinking about being a nurse practitioner in the future....pick up a copy of Harry'll be WELL on your way to your new degree! : )

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  1. quiddich rules!! I would be the bomb at it! I have to say I am craving a butter beer right now...