Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 Great Things I Learned Today!

1.) Do not forget to wear underwear under your scrub pants. And by "forget to wear" I mean remember to pack them in your gym bag! Not the best scenario when you've run your 2.5 miles all before 5:30 am, go to take a quick shower at the gym and come out to realize you have two options: put on the sweaty pair of undies you just ran in - OR - wear nothing at all. Since I didn't want to feel like my booty was sweating all day, I went with option 2....and after 16 hours of it, I'm not sure it was the best option! Without details, just remember to put on some underwear before you put your scrub pants on!!

2.) What a "Hotty Totty" is: a mixed drink, generally served hot with whisky. How did I learn this today? I was offered one! By "Drinks and a Snack" grandma....oh yes, she's BAAACK!!!! And with more witty antics this time!!

3.) Don't give your child in the PICU pixie sticks. The blue ones tend to make the nurses and doctors nervous at first glance! Lips in the PICU sometimes are blue for real....we don't like that...we may do things to you that you really wouldn't like because we think you are not breathing well when in reality you just ate a ton of colored sugar!! And to be safe, stay away from the red ones as well!

4.) When a patient's mom tells you that she is leaving for the night but is going to play his favorite CD...and put it on repeat....and PLEASE make sure nobody turns it off....DON'T agree to this right away!! When the CD comes on and it's full out shouting gospel music, this is not something that should be played loudly 24/7!! For goodness sakes people, I love myself some good ol' gospel music but there is only so much one can take!!

5.) When your charge nurse tells you they have an admission for you ("but don't worry it's a TOTALLY easy admission!!") just say NO! There is no such thing as an "easy" admission....or a "quick" admission....or a "mindless" admission!! There is such thing as an admission who will come in with a crazy high fever, feeling really crappy but not able to communicate that in ways other than screaming and flailing (all 45 lbs of him), needing tons of lab work done without the access to draw it from, who will projectile vomit on you (thank goodness for the semi-protection of isolation gowns!).....and who loves gospel music blaring in the background 24/7!!

**Yes, I really did learn these things today!! Obviously it was a jam packed, busy, barely get to eat and not quite sure if I peed kinda day!

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