Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sexy Sunday

It was a Sunday night shift like any other night shift.  Until it wasn't.

Our unit over the past 5 days or so has been unusually slow.  Actually, slower than its been in years!  So Sunday night I went in to work my 16 hour call shift and was hoping for a chill night.

Which it was.  Until the fellow that was also on call told me that I lost something.  Something important.

I immediately thought, "Oh man...did my Volte phone fall out of my coat??? He's probably been trying to call me and thinking I've been ignoring him since I didn't answer!"

As I walked closer to the area that he was standing at, I realized my phone was still in my pocket.

My next thought was, "Oh man...I lost my patient sheets.  All the information on the patients I'm caring for tonight is gone."

And yet, there they were in my other pocket.

What could I have possibly lost!?!?

And then I saw what he was pointing to:

Yup, Victoria Secret lacy thong, all in its purple glory on the computer at the main nursing station!

And no, these most definitely were NOT mine!!

Which led me to "EWWW!!! Why is there underwear on the computer!?"

We definitely had a good laugh.  And apparently my shriek was a little loud because the charge nurse came running over to see what the fuss was about.  And so did about 6 other nurses in the area.

At the end of the night, or I guess in the morning at the end of the shift, nobody fessed up to the underwear being theirs.

It was obviously someone trying to look Sexy on this particular Sunday.  Except they didn't pull it off, because they clearly weren't wearing them!  Eww... I'm not sure that makes it any better!

Guess we'll just leave it at hope you had a Sexy Sunday...everyone deserves one every once in awhile!


  1. Ok this has nothing to do with lacy thong underwear, it's actually in regards to your posts where you answer questions about being a NP. I was wondering, now that you're a NP do you still have to use the nurse's locker room? I mean I've seen in the hospital where I work that they have nursing locker room's & physician locker rooms & I was just wondering that. Also, my hospital has physician parking. Do you get to park there now or do you still have to park in the regular employee parking lot? Also, are you considering getting your DNP?

  2. Candi- On my unit the nurse practitioners share 3 offices. Each desk space has an overhead locked cabinet with plenty of storage space for my bag. I have no need for a locker room because we don't change out of our clothes at any point. Right across the hall from my office is a bay of call rooms and private bathrooms that we use for changing (or laying down at night). If for some reason we wanted to use the locker room, then I could use the nursing one, but I've never had any need.
    -Since I work in a large city hospital, there are 3 parking lots. They are not designated by occupation, but rather the amount of days that you work per week. Since I usually work 4 days a week, I am in the garage with a good mix of nurse practitioners, physicians, and nurses.
    -Am I considering getting my DNP. In short, NO. At least for now. While I've heard that its not as hard or time consuming as getting your masters, i have no motivation other than title to get it at this point. It will not change my job description or give me any more autonomy. It will not increase my pay. It will solely give me a title, and honestly since I'm 30 and still figuring out the ins and outs of being a PICU nurse practitioner I have no desire in getting my DNP at this point. Plus, programs near me are pretty pricey and my hospital has horrible reimbursement. Maybe at some point I will be more motivated to get the title, but not at this point.
    *Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  3. computer and underwear really do not get too well with each other