Sunday, September 30, 2012


Wanted:  PICU APN

                            Description: 5'2'', blonde hair, blue eyes

                                                                Last seen: Running around the crazy labyrinth also known as the                                                
                                                         PICU, then on to Rochester, MN for a few day Critical Care conference

                                                  Most likely to be:  completely hiding out at home, in bed

Oh yes...the last few weeks have certainly been crazy.

Just when I thought the PICU was going to have a bit of a lull, it completely picked back up and caught us by surprise.

We not only had a ton of kids come in, but we had a ton of sick kids!

And then on top of putting in a bunch of hours, I thought it would be a great idea to go to the exciting city of Rochester, MN (sorry for any of you living there!) for a Critical Care conference.

While the conference was a great learning experience, it was very different than what I expected.  Namely, I thought since it was an SCCM (Society of Critical Care Medicine) conference, it would have tons of people there.

But "tons" translated into exactly 16.  Yes, a very large, very full 16 new APNs, PAs, residents and fellows.

I will probably write a post about this soon, because it was a great learning experience, but I'm gonna end the post here...I'm not ready to be "found" just yet!

So I'm going back to my comfy bed, in my comfy pants, and watching some football with the windows open to let in the crisp fall breeze and the warm sunshine in, until I must be "Found" tomorrow at work.

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  1. What are the differences between what you do now as a PICU NP and what you did as a PICU RN? What are typical days like? Which do you like better? Do you wish you started as an NP instead?-Shelley