Sunday, July 8, 2012

Co-workers will make you or break you...

and my co-workers are making me!!!  Making me into a pretty decent PICU nurse practitioner!

I must say this has been a crazy transition from nurse to nurse practitioner.  But I have thoroughly enjoyed it largely because of the great people that I work with!

Several times this week I have gotten compliments from physicians or other APNs at how well I'm doing.  A few came after some rather rough conversations in which I felt like a maybe they were just trying to build me up.

But what great co-workers! Instead of making me feel like an even bigger dummy, they compliment me!

And yesterday I presented one of our really sick patients and the liver/GI team was there.  The liver team is notorious for interrupting PICU rounds and making it a bit painful for the person presenting.  After a couple of interruptions, the PICU fellow spoke up for me.  She said "Dana has all the information, and she's presenting it in a clear, logical manner.  Let her get through the presentation, and if at the end some of your questions or concerns are not address, we can discuss it then."

There were not any interruptions after that.  And yes, I probably should have spoken up for myself, but it was nice to not even have to.

That's how great my co-workers are!  I am one lucky PICU APN!


  1. I am so happy for you. Co workers is so important for a nice and pleasant work environment!

  2. You are so right about the impact of good or bad co-workers! You are fortunate to have great ones and I know they feel fortunate to have you as well.

    Can I reprint your blog post on my blog?