Thursday, September 5, 2013

The PICU in June

I figured since I'm so behind on my blogging, I'd do a few summer recaps on the PICU. And maybe include a few personal things because really that's what keeps a PICU Nurse Practitioner sane...the things outside of work!

So today I invite you to revisit June.  Because really, who doesn't love June!?  It's probably my very favorite month of the year!  It's the first month that truly feels like summer to me (at least where we live).  It's the month I was married in.  It's just a great month!
My mom has been asking for about a year for a picture of me in my lab coat at my there ya go mom!  I absolutely LOVE having my own desk, with my own pictures...and my own phone extension! So much fun!
Highlights of June:
-Jon and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary on June 4th...hello, am I even OLD enough to be married for 8 years!? What!?
Mmm, what better anniversary dinner than
lobster tail, scallops and risotto with great wine!
And what better way to celebrate than in PJs,
no makeup and glasses...classy I tell ya!

-I took a couple of days of PTO...just because : ) now that's nice! And it allows time for things like farmers markets, long bike rides, and runs with my hubby who swears he's not a runner...but I'm slowly convincing him otherwise : ) 

-I did my first educational session with a group of nurses at a pediatricians office with one of my old co-workers and great friend.  While I have always known that I love...LOVE...teaching, this just reinforced it!  It was so much fun being able to teach "Pediatric Emergencies" to a group of nurses, through a little bit of lecture and a lot of interactive games, a scavenger hunt, and a cut throat relay! What a great evening!

-I started precepting...again.  This time as a nurse practitioner.  I remember after being a nurse for a year and being asked to precept for the first time, I thought "Are you crazy...I've only been a nurse for ONE year!? I'm not smart enough to precept!!"  And this time around as a nurse practitioner I thought "Boo ya, I got this!'  BA HA HAAAAA...NOT!!!! I actually thought the exact same thing as the first time around! But it turned out to be a good in which the orientee and I both learned a lot! And once again reinforced how much I love teaching.

-And June ended on a very dirty note.  Literally.  At least this time it was dirty mud outside of work...and not the many types of "dirty" that the PICU can (and has!) bring!

A few befores..while we were still clean : )
And after...just a little dirty : ) Stef and I have been besties since I was born.  Meg and I besties since, well highschool...and frenemies for 6 years before that : )  Oh the memories we've made, and are still making! I love it!

So that was my June.   How was yours??


  1. Love your blogpost... and THANX for the pix!

  2. You look great in your office! So official!

    Happy Anniversary! Can't wait for more updates!

  3. Ok love the office/lab coat pics, so official!! :D And I love the personal pics too, all work & no play makes everyone, well, pretty dull ;D