Monday, September 9, 2013

July in the PICU

July was a big month for me in regards to my career in the PICU.

I didn't work for 2 whole weeks!! 

And while that sounds counterintuitive as to how that could be huge for my career, it truly was.  Because while I wasn't physically working in the PICU, I was working in Prague, Czech Republic.
That's right...July was the BIG Noise Study Poster Presentation at the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Conference. I'm not going to say too much about it in this July recap because I will have a whole post on it, but it was an incredible experience!

I was able to meet a lot of great people, from a lot of different countries.  I was able to get my feet wet with poster presenting.  And hello, I was able to go to Prague!

After Prague, Jon and I headed off to Italy where we were able to spend about 2 days in Rome, and a week in Cinque Terre.  We stayed for 3 nights in Vernazza, and 3 nights in Monterosso.  All I have to say about Cinque Terre now is if you haven't been, you MUST go.  It needs to be on everyone's top 3 places to visit before you die list!
Outside of traveling, there were some other highlights of July.  But let's not kid ourselves...nothing that could compare to Prague and Italy!
We started the month by spending a relaxing 4th on a rooftop in the city with some good friends, a once in a lifetime view of fireworks from about 45 towns all at once  (unless of course, we go there next year!), an amazing homemade rubarb pie, and a few glasses of good wine. Now that's a good 4th to me!

I then went on the next week to participate in the 4th Annual Critical Care Bootcamp.  It was my second time participating, and let me tell ya it was about 1000 times better this year!  Myself and one of my co-workers who started about a year before me were initially signed up to learn how to be instructors for upcoming years, but we were signed up too late. So we went as participants.  And while we were both initially dreading it, it was actually a fabulous learning experience.

As uncomfortable as Simulation Labs can be (who wants to pseudo-take care of a manequin that talks to you while the rest of the class is watching you through the one way mirror!), they take you so far outside your comfort zone that you truly remember those lessons! 

And it was also very exciting to see how far I've come in the last year.  I've grown in my confidence, in my knowledge, and in my patient care overall.  Since the rest of the group were brand new APNs and fellows, for the first time ever, I actually felt like I had a bit of a leg up.  It was a short, small...very small, leg, but I'll take it.  That never happens, so yes, I relished in it just a bit : ) 

So there ya have it.  PICU in July.  You know, a little bit of Bootcamp, a little bit of holiday partying, and oh a little trip to Europe!!
What crazy, fun, memory making things did you do in July???


  1. That sounds exciting, and wonderful, and I can't wait to get there one day (which feels like forever away). Great job on the poster! I'm googling Cinque Terre right now :D

  2. Your blog is my favorite! Thanks for the update. I had a really good 4th of July! I went to a cookout, had apple pie, went to a baseball game, saw fireworks!

  3. I am starting my journey of nursing school. This is my first semester of pre nursing and your blog post made me so excited to reach my goal of becoming an picu nurse. I hope to do something like you did in my future of being a nurse.