Wednesday, April 3, 2013


There are some patients that I just fall in love with.  There are some that steal your heart from the minute you say hello.  There are the ones that make you smile, and the ones that make you laugh.

And then there are the ones that despite being quite the snarky little 3 year old, are JUST.SO.CUTE!

The latter is the case for my patient who I've taken care of the last 2 days.  He was quite the sassy little three year old who when being polite was so much fun to be around.  And when his dad made him mad, he said things like "Shut Up Dummy."

Yea, that takes away from the cuteness.

So on day one of taking care of him, he was admitted to the PICU after a failed sleep study.  Day two he had his tonsils and adenoids removed.

Being in a lot of pain after his surgery, he was much more reserved, and really just wanted hugs and cuddles from his family.  He didn't have the spunk or energy to give the sass.

But he still had the energy to give me a compliment.  As I was leaving the room, he was saying something that I couldn't understand.  He was changing his voice and kind of mumbling, I think because his throat hurt so bad.

So I asked him to repeat it.  About 3 times.  He was getting frustrated that I couldn't understand what he was saying.  He said it several times, louder and louder each time.

And then finally, there it was.


I couldn't help but laugh. Really hard actually! Because the truth is, I've always disliked my eyebrows.

They are about 10 shades darker than the hair on my head.  They don't seem to match my skin tone. They can be a bit unruly. In high school, I (accidentally) shaved an entire half of one eyebrow right off...just when you think things can't get worse!  And I can't even quote Dumb and Dumber, because no, taking half an eyebrow off does not redeem an already bad eyebrow.

And now that we've taken a turn in this post I'm sure you were very much NOT prepared for, let's reign it back in!

So here was this 3 year old, who could have given any compliment he wanted, or none at all, and "I like your eyebrows" was what he chose!

That was the highlight of my day.  And that just may be the cute patient highlight for awhile.

Every time I look in the mirror and think "Ugh, those eyebrows" I know I'll smile thinking there's someone out there who genuinely, truly loves them : )


  1. Precious!! I love your blog, it makes me SO excited for my Peds rotation next semester.

  2. Haha kids say the darndest things! I'm only disappointed this post didn't have a picture of those infamous eyebrows!! LOL