Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caribbean Vacation Recap

Yes, it's true. The vacation came and went.  And I've been at works for 2 weeks now!

I think that somewhere deep down I believe that if I don't blog about work, then I'm not truly doing it.  But the weekends and nights that I've put in since I've been back would beg to differ.

I must say, vacation was awesome.  Amazing, actually!

Not only did I have 18 glorious days off, I spent 13 of those in some gorgeous, amazing places with my best friend (that would be my hubby!).

Jonny and I spent a day in Miami before our cruise, and a day in Hollywood, FL the day after our cruise.  The 11 days in between those were spent on a cruise boat going to islands in the Caribbean.  Yeah, not a bad life!

We did a lot of walking and architecture viewing in Cartagena Colombia.

We spent a day lounging on the white sand and floating in the crystal clear waters of Aruba.

We took a ferry out of St Thomas and spent a relaxing day on one of the most popular beaches in St John (so did about 1000 other tourists, so that was the only downfall, but the beach was seriously gorgeous!)
*For some reason the pics from here mysteriously have disappeared momentarily...gotta have my IT man recover the mystery place I uploaded them to!

We took a speedboat tour in St Martin in which we went to several amazing snorkel spots and a few great beaches.

And we tried Stand Up Paddleboarding in Curacao paddling our way through the ocean and into the Caribbean.  This was my favorite island of them all (although St Martin came a close second). The people were so friendly, the water so crystal clear, the ice cold beer so refreshing!

I actually loved Curacao so much I kept a look out for hospitals there...just seeing if they needed any APN help.  Good thing we never spotted one because Jon would have literally had to drag me off that island!
This is what I call "Rock Star Paddle Boarding"- oh yea, I made an entire new sport out of it : )
And of course, we enjoyed our nights back on the boat, taking in a few sunsets, and eating some great food!

Ahhh, those pictures take me to a happy place!  I love looking at them because it takes me right back to the scents of coconut,  the sight of crystal clear waters, the feel of soft sand beneath my feet, and the taste of a tropical drink (or rather beer, because lets face it, while "tropical drink" sets the scene better, I don't really like them all that much. What can I say...I'm a simple gal!).

There is no place like vacation.  Unless you love your bed as much as I do.  And then there's no place like home to come home to after an amazing vacation!

I'm going to revel in these pictures, and the memories, for one more night.  And then it will be back to blogging about PICU at its finest!

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  1. That looks like an AMAZING holiday! I like your holiday posts and random everyday life post as much as I do your PICU posts! :)