Thursday, August 16, 2012

Running with Infectious Diseases

OK, I think the title is a bit misleading.  I sat for a few minutes and couldn't come up with anything clever so I decided on the above.  Then I re-read it and decided it is quite disappointing, but that's all ya get folks.  My creative juices have been apparently zapped this evening.

The title is misleading because I don't have an infectious disease (thank goodness!).  And if I did, I certainly wouldn't be running!

But, what did happen was that I spent the week out of the PICU, and in with the Infectious Disease service. And, as I'll get to a bit later, this led me to having some great workouts!

I must say Infectious Disease this week was a great change of pace.  Scratch that- an amazing change of pace!

Never once did I hear the word "stat" used.  Decisions were made, but not every with a huge sense of urgency behind any of them.  And certainly while antibiotic/antifungal/antiretroviral treatments are extremely important, and life saving at times, it just can't compare to the day to day in the PICU.

That being said, I learned a ton. One of my [many] weaknesses is antibiotics...and I guess Infectious Diseases in general.  Rashes creep me out, if that's any indication!  So this was a great experience for me.

And who wouldn't like to be a part of a service that started at 9 am and got to leave between 4 and 5 pm!?!?  OK, well at least I did.  The fellow is pretty much on call 24/7.  But I got a sweet end of the deal!

Oh, and I greatly took advantage of the extra time in the morning...I was able to run 4 times this week! I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened since before I started grad school!  Holla!

Who wouldn't love running with this amazing view!
 *Even on an overcast day, the sunrise was still trying to peek through!*
*Gorgeous, bright and sunny morning!*

So here's to a great week of awesome workouts and a great Infectious Disease service week.  That's a success in this PICU APN book!

And to top it all off, I have a 3 day weekend filled with some bachelorette party and wedding fun!  Hope you have a great weekend in store as well!

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  1. Have a great weekend! I must say that infectious diseases is a bit creepy for me too! Glad you enjoyed it! :)