Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Time!

So what does a PICU nurse/Grad School student do on her "spring break??"

For one, she visits some best friends who moved away- Love you "Megra!"

And then, while she's there, she does a whole bunch of this:

Ohhh, I definitely got my cute baby fix on this weekend!!! And its such a nice change from the "cute baby" in the hospital that I get sometimes. This one is cute...and HEALTHY!! And it was amazing, getting some QT with the best friends, all the while holding the little one, feeding him, and yes, even changing his poopy diaper : )

I must say, it was a great weekend for J too. He absolutely loved the little guy!! He kept asking me to hold him. He fed him bottles. He did NOT, however, change any poopy diapers. Those make him gag. We're going to have to work on that when we have kids, FOR SURE!!

But it was awesome seeing how comfortable he was holding the little man...and how eager he was to do it!! I look forward to being a mom one day. But even more, I know that Jon is going to make one awesome dad! I couldn't ask for more in a husband!!! Love you babe!

Until the time comes for us, I'll just keep holding the little ones of our friends...and enjoying every second of it! Especially the time when they are screaming their heads off, and I can hand them right back to their mom : )

It's the same in the PICU. It's nice to have a cute little patient. But it's even nicer at the end of 13 hours to know that you can "give them back" (or give report to another nurse) and go home.

So we went home after a great weekend with the BFFs. I must say, it was a great start to a (hopefully) great Spring Break!!

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