Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Training Wheels are Off!

So they took the training wheels off today. We went into clinicals, got our patient assignment and had to present them in rounds. No more "observing"...no more being a shadow. We ran the show (for our patient)...

Now I normally don't mind public speaking. I love giving inservices or classes at work. Eventually, I'd love to teach!

But presenting in rounds is a whole other ball game!!

I was the last person in our group that had to present...great, more time to freak out about it...I mean think about it and prepare : )

But it actually went ok! Sure, there were some minor details that I missed...but nobody even noticed or needed those pieces of information. It wasn't as bad as the first APN student had...she got cut off by the attending within the first 10 seconds because she had totally left out large pieces of the puzzle. And then the questions just came firing away!

And luckily, all 3 attendings (PICU, Cardiology, and CV Surgery) were all VERY nice...and understanding of the learning process!! That makes a huge difference!

So tomorrow the alarm will go off at 4 am (not a time I'd ever like to see again after these clinicals are over!!) and I'll do it all over again! And I know it's only going to get better and better as I go.

The training wheels are off. Now I just gotta keep working on staying upright!

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