Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I'm so boring" ....

My lack of blogging is reflective of my lack of anything outside of school and work right now!! My friends feel like I've abandoned them (though they totally understand!) and my husband re-introduces himself to me several times a week ("hello, I'm your husband, so nice to see you!) Ha!!

This week I have a break from clincials b/c I did double time last week. I thought I'd party on my 2 days off this week, but realized, nope, not with 2 papers due Monday and a test Wed! Hello! So it's paper writing time!

BUT First, 2 funny stories from work:

1.) I had a 3 year old asthmatic who had to be on continuous albuterol. Now, if you've every taken a puff of albuterol from an inhaler, you may remember feeling a bit jittery, or like your heart is speeding. So imagine a 3 year old getting this CONTINUOUSLY!!! Poor guy's heart rate was WAY up and he wanted to "run around like a race car" all day. And of course, I kept having to tell him no. By the afternoon, he kept saying "I'm boring...I'm so boring" ... to which I kept having to remind him, the word is "bored" not "boring" : ) So cute!

2.) I was trying to get some homework done at work yesterday when it was naptime for both of my patients. I was in an area of the unit that we like to call "The Alley" because there are no doors to the rooms....just 7 rooms on each side of the hallway facing each other. Great place to be when you need help b/c there are nurses so close by. BUT- not so great when the website you pull up is SO not appropriate for work....and a 4 year old is walking by with his parents and grandparents!! Hello!! I am writing a paper on breastfeeding and had to do some research....what I thought would just be an "educational" site (it was a required reading for this assignment!) was the picture book style education. Right as the kid was walking by, Hello nipples!!!... ALL over the screen!!! I scroll down to get to the "word" section of the article, but nope....more boobs!! Finally I realized, just X out!!! But not before I was thoroughly embarrassed....who knows what this family thinks I was trying to look at!!! Ahh! : ) Just gotta laugh!

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  1. That's too funny...since it didn't happen to me!