Saturday, July 24, 2010

I got what I asked for!

It's amazing how many ways the saying "I got what I asked for!" can be said!! And I'm pretty sure I said it in several ways after my shift in the PICU yesterday!!

About 3 weeks ago my other little guy that I had been caring for (see previous posts, ie: Walking Around) came back to the PICU. He's what we call a "frequent flier!" So, I have been asking since he was admitted to have him move rooms, so the two could be reuinted again (thinking solely of their well beings of course!... OK- maybe not solely THEIR well being, but mine...really, if I was going to be paired in my far off corner of the PICU, I wanted my two boys to take care of!) Since they both just got trachs in the past 3 weeks, and their progress is slow, they will both be around the PICU for awhile. I figure they need a great nurse who will be there consistently and do all the trach teaching, so that's where I come in- see, THEIR well being is taken care of and so is mine!

So, finally after 3 weeks of asking, I got what I asked for! Little man moved back to his old bedspace....and big man got his "roommate on the other side of the wall" back.

What I wasn't bargaining for was little man deciding not to breath, desating to 26%(for those non-medical people, 100% is the number to aim for...therefore 26 is bad...REALLY bad....not liveable bad!), getting rigid chest so I couldn't bag him up, and me pushing the code button...on my first day of their reuniting! Thankfully, he passed out (again, 26% is not liveable...or awakeable!), his chest wall relaxed, and I was able to bag him back up and into reality.

Welcome back to your good ole' bedspace little man! He's done that to me before, so I guess he just wanted to relive old memories! Let's just hope those memories aren't meant to be relived over and over! Isn't there a saying "Too much of a good thing..."

So while in the morning when I found out the 2 were reunited under my care I said, "Yeah, I finally got what I asked for!!" my tune walking out of the building that night was more like, "Ha, yup, another day in the PICU...I guess I got what I asked for!" : )

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