Sunday, June 27, 2010

PICU nurse goes camping

This weekend Jon and I, along with 14 other friends, went down south for a camping trip! We definitely had a blast...great weather (jon would argue ridiculously hot, but that's my style!), amazing and private camp site, and great food!

But what I was laughing at (and sometimes kicking myself!) was how prepared (or should I say, NOT prepared!?) this PICU nurse was for camping!! Generally when I go places I am more prepared than the average person for a small disaster to happen around me. In my purse is a CPR mouth cover, some band-aids, some alcohol prep pads, and a few other odds and ends that could lend a hand in some first aid maneuvers.

So on the drive down I start getting a pretty bad headache...I reach in my medicine bag (that Jon and I take on ALL trips!) and what do you know, NO ibuprofin (or any of its equivalents!). Now typically this medicine bag is like a small pharmacy. Give me a medical complaint and I'll have a med on hand. But, nope, not this time!! Bummer!!

Over the course of the weekend I was asked numerous times for various "medical" things...NONE of which I actually brought along!! Most people just laughed and said, "Hey we counted on the nurse to bring that!"

What I should have packed in my camping bag: -ibuprofin
-benedryl (yes, someone had an allergic
reaction to watermelon!)
-band-aids (several scrapes and scratches)
-ginger (one guy puking, one guy having it
come out other way!)
*To give myself some credit, I did have a few
pepto pills

Now on any other trip, my bag would have contained these items and SO many more that would never have been needed. Oh well, I guess this nurse was taking a vacation from nursing all together this weekend!!! Let me just say it was so much fun....and so worth it!! Everyone made it through the weekend happy and healthy! But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. With that, this nurse goes back on duty tomorrow.

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