Monday, April 5, 2010

Drinks and a Snack

So my blog is beginning to look exactly like my old diaries or journals! Every January I would decide to write more that year....which would last approximately two or three days. The next journal entry was usually sometime in the summer....and then the final entry of the year was right before New Years....once again, vowing to journal more!!

But I do have a reason that I haven't written in the past week (ok, a little more than a week!). The INCREDIBLE benefit of being a nurse is that if you clump your 12 hour shifts together, you can actually have a slew of days off without having to use any of your PTO (paid time off). SO- that's what I did. Jon and I took off to Atlanta to visit my family for 5 days and we had a blast!! After doing the Shamrock Shuffle the week before we continued our running through the GA hills and parks which was awesome!!

RN advice of the day: if you want to get in shape...I mean REALLY in up and down the streets of GA...the hills are NO joke!!

BUT (I digress!)- all good things must come to an end....and I returned to 4 days in a row. That was 51 hours of work plus 10 hours of driving (give or take) over the course of 4 days. While I knew that I hated doing this....these past 4 days confirmed that FOR SURE!!! Every night driving home I thought, oh that would make a great story for the blog....and every time I got home the only thing I could physically do was drag myself upstairs and plop myself in bed (Thank you babe for making dinner and packing my lunches all those days for me!) So those stories will have to wait, but they will be included!

But here's one funny one for the's a conversation that I had with a 75 (or so ) year old great grandma. Imagine her voice being SO country....not cute southern belle country, but like out back Tennessee country (nothing wrong if you're from TN!)....just being able to hear it this way makes it all the more humorous b/c that's EXACTLY how she spoke...even though she told me on the last day that she grew up in Evanston, IL (go figure!)

Me: Is there anything that I can get you?
Grandma: Well, like what would you be able to get for me?

Me: I could bring you some drinks or a snack
Grandma: What????

Me: Drinks, like water or juice, or a snack
Grandma: WHAT???
**Now at this point, I'm like "Am I not speaking loud enough?? I know I'm I slurring my words?? What is she not understanding!?

Me (much slower, slightly louder this time) Drinks...or a SNACK
Grandma: (now hysterically laughing) Oh sweetie, I thought you said "Drinks or SEX!!"

Me: (Laughing, slightly uncomfortably) No, we're a Children's hospital....we definitely do not offer THAT here!!
Grandma: Well, ok, but if you did, I saw a fine looking young man sitting out at that desk over there
**She was speaking of our secretary who's about 40 or so...and who grandmas (or women for that matter) would not be on his "it" list!!

So what do you do with that....a grandma who is not so interested in juice or crackers, but more interested in the "young man" secretary!! Had I brought her a carton of milk with a man on the side, she very well would have taken up that offer....ewww....but get it Grandma! : )


  1. I love your blog Dana - and since I am on the very VERY beginning stages of the nursing journey, I'm so excited to follow this!

  2. Yeah Tammy!! I am so excited that you are entering into the world of nursing!! I hope that you love it as much as I do....I know you'll be a GREAT nurse!!

  3. Wow, this is hilarious! This is the first time hearing of this story... I concur, Dana was definitely like a zombie these past 4 days. So, I am not surprised I didn't hear this from you! Get it Grandma!

  4. New to your blog, reading your archives - this is a FABULOUS post - laughed my ass off - of course on the train going to a concert for Reba McEntire - kinda fitting with the "country" theme of your great gramma lady.... HAHAHAHA awesomeness is abounding!

  5. Nurse Dee- welcome to my blog and thanks for reading through! so sorry I'm just now seeing your comment! glad to give you a laugh..I just re-read after not thinking about this moment for almost 3 years and got a great laugh out of it as well!